BMW i8 Roadster Bespoke Carbon Edition

Tuning hybrid sports car

BMW i8 Roadster Bespoke Carbon Edition
BMW i8 Roadster Bespoke Carbon Edition
BMW i8 Roadster Bespoke Carbon Edition

It was a pioneer in the field of green super sports cars, and one of the most exclusive series models that ever rolled out of the BMW production halls. The BMW i8 Roadster will probably be an upcoming classic, which is experiencing a significant increase in value. Some time before other brands turned to hybrid and electrification for super sports cars, BMW was already breaking new ground with the i8. The i8 runs on both a gasoline and an electric motor, redefining the hybrid age. Of course, that doesn’t stop resourceful tuners from using this vehicle with various Body kits and attachments Bringing it into shape to get the hybrid foul a little out of the series. The i8 has also become a popular vehicle for tuning and refinement measures, and it is surprisingly well received by tuners.

BMW i8 Roadster Bespoke Carbon Edition

Show car for solvent customers.

Meanwhile, the i8 is on everyone’s lips among car fans worldwide, and now we are presenting you with a unique one Carbon Edition from this car. This Bespoke Carbon Edition has a full carbon body kit from the manufacturer Creative Bespoke, including an aero package, the one Front spoiler, one diffuser at the front and at the back, one rear wing, side skirts and front side Trim contains. Also were H&R springs installed for an optimal height of the sports car, which ensures that the i8 is not too high above the road. A Spor exhaust system from FI was also installed to get a sonorous sound in the three-cylinder turbo engine, which is designed to save fuel rather than a rich sound at the factory.

BMW i8 Roadster Bespoke Carbon Edition

In addition, the engine control was turned completely to the left, and with a full Performance plus equipped so that the i8 can also compete against supercars. Over 50.000 euros have been invested to turn the i8 into a vehicle that can compete with the super sports cars of the world. We express our respect for the tuner and can only congratulate the i8 on the fact that it is now probably unique and that it will also gain in value if it is sold. Fully equipped, as this vehicle comes, it is probably no trick to find a solvent buyer who appreciates the tuning measures.

BMW i8 Roadster Bespoke Carbon Edition

1,5-liter three-cylinder with turbocharging

The 1,5-liter three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with 231 hp provides propulsion, but it is still supported by an electric motor that produces an additional 143 hp, and thus a maximum total output of from 374 HP generated. However, we do not know what system performance this copy has, as the Motor Control was changed. We therefore assume that the i8 generates more power than a production model. Either way, the vehicle is made to effortlessly master fast highway sections and to conjure up a storm hairstyle for fresh air fanatics.

The BMW i8 as Creative Bespoke Edition is an absolute highlight in terms of BMW tuning. It clearly shows the exclusivity of the Munich-based car brand’s roadster and embodies the want-to-have effect that is often lost in the wake of conventional models.



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